Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Part 2

Getting ready for the Big Man....pouring him a glass of milk...

Writing him letters, "Dear Santa I want stickers and Diego back packs. I love you."

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Baby Jesus.
Night-night Baby Jesus.

Hanging up their stockings...

And then - the big day! Coming downstairs...(We're SO lucky that they like to sleep in. Christmas morning didn't start until 9:00 AM for us!). When the woke up, they heard everybody talking downstairs and said, "Santa's here!!" Ugh, Not quite - Santa came, but Santa's not here. He brought you presents and then had to go deliver more.

Santa brought us a train table! Woo-hoo!! Seriously, Christmas could have ended right here! At least for Austin it could have. Logan had to carry the weight of opening most of the presents!

"Hey - Santa ate the cookies! And the reindeer ate their carrots!"

"I got Bubbles in my stocking!"

Opening their "big" gift - Deigo Rescue back packs:

Below is a great little story - see all the people laughing...

During an insane moment, I thought it would be neat if the boys went Christmas shopping for everyone. So a few days before Christmas (I wanted it to be fresh in their minds), we went to the Dollar Store. Truth be told, this is an idea I've taken from my best friend, Anne who thankfully joined us with her three children on our shopping trip. Both Austin and Logan carried a basket and I'ld say, "Okay - find a 'prize" ('prize = surprise = present) for Nonnie." And luckily one of them would always hold up something for that person and out it in their basket. Midway through our shopping trip, we had to sit down (amidst the chaos of the Dollar Store) and I completely emptied their 'overflowing' baskets and as I put items back in, I'ld say, "Okay - who is this for?" Mason. "And this?" Daddy. etc. However, I also got a lot of "Me! It's mine ga-prize!"

During the day on Christmas Eve, I pulled out all the presents and together we "wrapped" them - in easy to fill bags. I held up all the gifts again and they pretty much stuck to their original purchases. "Who's this for?" Uncle Barney.

So, during a lull Christmas morning, Austin and Logan distributed their gifts, "Merry Christmas, Patsy." "Merry Christmas, Lory!" and I told everyone that Austin and Logan hand picked their gifts.

Needless to say, there was much laughter as these gifts did come from the Dollar Store. I wish I had taken more pictures. Mason got a Monkey face puzzle, Nonnie got a pretty note pad. Patsy was supposed to get pretty smelly stuff, but when Lory opened up her plastic pig, Austin snagged it and said, "NO - that's Patsy's!" and made them switch. One of the funniest gifts was my brother Mitch's - a nice blue hat!
Anyway, I thought it was a pretty cool tradition that we'll keep for future years!

Overall, Christmas this year was a very good, nice day. We stayed put (despite Evan's outcry of "What, we're NOT going to Grandma's (Nonnie's)!?! We go there EVERY year!). It was just easier and more relaxing not to have to pick up and move everything midday. We had a nice big brunch. A long, leisurely day and Austin and Logan really spent the whole day just playing with and opening presents. It was just wonderful!


JuJu - said...

I could just kiss those cheeks:)
they are getting so big - slow down boys:) So glad you guys enjoyed your Chrsitmas:)

Happy New year:)

Kelly said...

I love the Dollar Store idea, I will have to do that next year! I am so ghlad the boys had a great Christmas and you guys too of course!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had a good Christmas. It looks like the boys got some fun presents.

The gifts from the dollar store is a great idea. For a brief (mommy brained) second, I thought you were talking about me - Anne with three kids. But then I realized you weren't :)

Tina said...

Ooo rescue packs are the shizit! lol We got a Dora one they share. Truth be told Toby uses it more to go exploring just like Dora around our yard. Loads of fun. And I am SOOOOO stealing the dollar store idea....PERFECT!

Bobbi said...

Reese slept in here too!! I love the video. They are talking so good. Glad Logan was willing to take one for the team and open the gifts.

What a great tradition--and I do love that hat. Krista did that here with gifts she bought at school, and she was so proud!!

Tracey said...

What a fun day for you! I am so stealing the Dollar Store idea...what a riot...they are good shoppers!

Heidi said...

I love your Dollar Store idea! I may steal it for next year! Glad you had a great Christmas!

Our Family of 5 said...

Awwww! A great idea that I am sure many blogger friends will steal for next year for their family and friends.

The boys are adorable and of course looks like Santa was good to them!!

Happy New Year~~

ManyBlessings said...

Adorable!! :)

We did the gift thing this year too. It is so fun for them and Ashtyn got a very, sparkly princess bracelet out of the deal. ;)

Enjoy those little guys!!


* TONYA * said...

What Santa Doesn't Bring Me Grandma Will. So true little man, so very true :)

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Love them singing to baby jesus! Good idea on the dollar store idea!! I think we will have to give it a try.