Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas - Part 1

Here's our Christmas in Review!

Last year's Santa picture left a little to be desired.

So, this year, we went by to see Santa 2-3 times before picture day. At home, we practiced saying Hi to Santa (either they, me, Daddy, Nonnie or Evan), sitting on his lap, telling him what they wanted for Christmas (stickers and Diego back-packs) and finally saying "cheese" for the picture!

Big day arrived. Everything went great, they climbed right up on Santa, no fear, no hesitancy. They chatted with him. They were smiling. But we quickly realized the error of our ways when Santa's helper went to assist in getting the boys attention for the "tickling' their tummies with a puppet.

This year's photo will be captured: "Puppets? Nobody said nufin' about no stinkin' puppets!"

Seriously, we have a HUGE fear of any and all puppets - be it TV or real. Puppets usually send them screaming out of the room. So, right before the shot, laughing and talking. This shot: Logan on the left, "Oh crap is she coming back again with that puppet?" Austin, "Hey! No like puppets! No touch my belly! Mommy?!"

Sorry, boys!

Next up, as a family (see family pic in "Merry Christmas" post), we were chosen to light the 4th candle of Advent (Love!) the Sunday before Christmas. Here's Gary with the two littlest dapper boys:

(Can't you tell that every picture for the last 5 -6 months has had that "cheeeeeeeze" expression?)

And then we went out to eat afterwards. This is a typical restaurant experience for us.

Note Evan's, "I'm so glad we're eating out like real people" expression! Not!

We ordered these off a fellow blogger's website. Adorable little Guatemalan outfits...or as Mason calls them, "African Boy's Choir" outfits.

Christmas Eve, Austin and Logan were part of the Christmas Pageant. They were the MOST adorable littlest shepherds I have ever seen!!!
Or as Mason calls them, "Omar and Kadavi Eartern Oil Drillers."

More of Christmas 2008 to come!


Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

NO STINKING PUPPETS!! too funny : ) I bet you were thinking, "no, no, not the puppets." and then they even tickled their bellies with the puppets. At least they aren't crying!

You have some handsome boys there!

Bobbi said...

CUTE, CUTE, CUTE,!!! That is all that I can say. Those are some adorable shepards.

Poor traumatized boys!! you never know, do you???

That Mason sounds like quite the character!!!

Can't believe I am going to get to hug those handsome guys in just over a month!!! YEAH!!

Our Family of 5 said...

Has it seriously been that long since I have visited your blog? I had to go through all the posts and play catch up. Love all the new pictures of the boys. Love the mat and the family photos. Adorable!

Sophia is deathly afraid of any puppets or anything like that too. So, you would have had to peel her off the ceiling. But you did better then we did. She screamed every time we even got near him. So, no Santa picture this year, Maybe next year.

You guys are too sweet saying I look younger. I definitely don't think so.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year! I will be checking more often now I swear!!

Nikki said...

Hi Donna... have you gotten my emails? I have sent several and have not heard back. Please get back to me as I would love to finish up your blog!