Saturday, January 10, 2009

Families Del Sol!

That's the name of our local Guatemalan Adoption Group. They have scheduled activites once a month and it's amazing how often we aren't able to go.

However, we were able to make it this past weekend. We got together at a local church, hung out in the nursery, read Guatemalan books, made a Guatemalan craft (worry dolls) and played on the playground. LOTS of fun!

(Don't even look for Austin and Logan, they were the only two NOT sitting on the floor during story time!)
They did both make their worry dolls, though.
And the results; three Worry Dolls (a.k.a. Scarey VooDoo dolls)!

This is Emily and her posse. The boys had a blast following Miss Emily around and we are SO looking forward to more playdates!


Steph said...

How cool! I am so jealous! Looks like a lot of fun.