Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Unveiling!

(Okay, I did warn that this was not HUGE, just a big change!)

As evident by the "puddin' - no shoes and shirts" pictures on the previous post, it was a little hot this weekend. Gathering over at my mom's Sunday night, Austin and Logan's long, thin, sweaty, comb'over hair was a hot topic of discussion.

And in the end, we unanimously agreed to take action.

Nonnie breaks out the tools:

Logan innocently eating his poc-corn.
And Buzzfest 2008 begins.
My brother Brian takes over as he is the resident expert who does this to his own hair.

Logan didn't mind the process at all.
And Austin watched on completely unfazed by what was happening.....
Daddy moves in to finish Logan. Austin NOT liking his new spot IN the chair. Evan jumps in to try and hold him still.
And I stop taking pictures at this point to try and help soothe my baby.

Here's a hilarious video of how it all played out.

Did you hear Austin in my lap saying "tickle, tickle?" That's what we told them we were doing to their hair. It obviously did not help when we went to tickle his hair!! And I LOVE it when Logan sees the camera and gives me a big old "Cheese!" Too funny!

Calm is restored by the traditional bath and "pop-pop" celebration to complete the process!

And while I don't "mind" the buzz cut look, I have to admit I'm secretly hoping that the shock to their roots will maybe bring me the full, thick Guatemalan locks that have thus far eluded us!!

Maybe not the most exciting news, I hope that you all will agree with me that buzz cutting your babies' hair is dramatic and that this was a BIG change for us!!

(I tried to download more pictures of their after look, but having camera difficulty! Will try again later.)


Guatemama said...

The boys look cute with their new doo's! Buzzfest 2008 LOL I love that. It is very tramatic when you change their looks isn't it? Poor Austin was having none of it.

Bobbi said...

OH, Austin and Logan you look so cute!!! Poor baby crying like that!! Made my heart break!!

I did hear tickle, tickle,and CHEESE!! They are well trained.

What's funny about this is that we are getting ready to do the same to Reese!!

This was big news!!! Glad it is unveiled!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I love the new look! It looked a little traumatic for Austin, but Logan just went with his new look! They look like such big boys with their new hair cuts.

Love the lollipops in the bathtub!

ManyBlessings said...

Ok, my girls are officially in love with your boys! Poor baby, but darn they're cute!! How adorable. :)

Steph said...

Ohhhhh!!! What an EVENT!! But they look so cute! I love Logan trying to comb is hair with that BIG brush!! Too adorable!

Hey - Did you get my e-mail? I seem to have two e-mail addresses for you and I don't know which one is right!! Send me a note.

Greta Jo said...

Fun Stuff. The boys look great with their new 'hair styles'. Very Cute!

Our Family of 5 said...

Ok, Austin and Logan are little hotties even with their hair buzzed. They are just adorable and always bring smiles to my face. I am totally stealing the lollipop in the bath tub trick!!
Have a good weekend!!

Heidi said...

Poor baby! Well, he did have a huge audience! They sure look cute with their new cuts, can't wait to see the "after" pics!

Katie said...

They are so handsome !!! The vidoes are darling !!! I love how one of them thinks it hurts !!! :)

Victoria & Joe said...

The boys look GREAT!!! And yes first haircuts are major changes.. Jazlynn may be 30 before she gets another one..

Anonymous said...

What cuties!!!!
The best way to do it is with lots of distractions!
Food has always worked best for my guys!

Can't wait till we see you again!


Shineka said...

Precious precious precious!

Tara said...

Donna! I cannot believe how BIG the boys are since we saw you guys at the Embassy! Oh man, they are so ADORABLE!! I love the pudding pics too and yes, wine does solve :)

Tam said...

Oh, poor Austin!

They look usual!