Monday, April 14, 2008


I was tagged by Laurie last week to list 10 quirky facts about me-self. So, here goes!

1. I am the least anal person I know.
2. I am a neat freak, though I am not a clean freak. Austin and Logan are making it very hard to practice my neat freakish ways. So, I currently live in Cluttersville.
3. I have an uncanny ability to arrive exactly on time…unless either my husband or my best friend are involved, then I’m very late (and very angry!).
4. I love my closet to be color coordinated. It's hardly ever that way, but when it is, I could sit it all day long it makes me so happy!
5. Gary and I play “The Price is Right” whenever we go shopping. I have probably nailed the EXACT cost on the cash register approx. 20-30 times. Yet “picking the right numbers” doesn’t extend to the lottery! boo!
6. Whenever I play putt-putt, bowl or shoot pool, I am either 100% on my game and spank everybody else or I am not even in the competition because my game is so far off. There’s no middle ground. LOL
7. I am a procrastinator. I am not very productive until its crunch time and then I can accomplish amazing feats!
8. I play a mean game of Pictionary! And can guess correctly when others only see a blob. (Quirky fact #6 does NOT apply to Pictionary. I always got my game on!)
9. I love quiet. If I’m the house by myself, I do not have the TV or the radio on. It’s so delightful!
10. Austin and Logan are always dressed a like or in coordinating outfits. If one messes up his outfit during the day, I change the other one, too. It somehow keeps the Order of the Universe straight in my head.

Tee hee hee!! Aren't I Quirky!?! Okay, anyone else out there wanna join us on the Quirky Facts Tour?


Heidi said...

Those are some quirky facts! I love that you always have to have your boys matching so you change both if one gets dirty! I may have to join the quirky fact tour. That was a lot of fun to read!

Laurie said...

Ooooh, I totally get lots of your quirks! LOL Quite, neat/organized, closet all fixed right, changing whole outfits for a spill.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

That is why they are always matching! You are quircky.