Monday, September 17, 2007

Just livin' life...

I'm still playing catch-up, here are some pictures from mid-August. Austin LOVES talking on the telephone. We actually call Grandma and he babbles forever to her...So much to say...(and he's wearing his Team Guatemala shirt that his brothers brought back from Guatemala on their summer mission trip).
Evan put Logan is this carry out back and he LOVED it!! And I LOVE that smile!
We were having a lazy summer day and Austin and Logan woke up from their naps. Mason and Evan got to them before I could and they all went went to cuddling. When I came into the room, this is what all four of my boys were doing, snuggling!

Grandma gave us a musical drum set. Yeah! Good stuff!
And our first hair cuts!
We LOVE Tony and he did a great job for our babies. No trauma!


Home sweet home said... the pictures of them cuddling with there big brothers !!