Thursday, September 13, 2007

As promised....

I'm trying.... ;-) Thank you all you loyal bloggers that keep checking back in for updates!

If you've noticed the labeled shirts they are for Grandma and/or for other people. Grandma has ordered about 5 sets of shirts with their names on them and it seems everybody is very appreciative! We can tell them apart very easily. Which is amazing because I have never been able to tell twins a part.

They may look a like, but they're very different. Different smiles, different laughs, different "dances," different, that's not to say we don't mix them up a few times here and there!

Okay, some more pics....
These are our knapsacks that we got when we bought our phones in Guatemala (it was a promotion) and they work out great for the kids!
Playing some hoops with their big brother!

Notice how their shorts drag the ground....these pictures were taken about 4 weeks ago....wait 'til you seem them now!! They've grown 4 inches!!


ManyBlessings said...

They just get cuter and cuter! And man, they are really chunking out! ADORABLE!!!

Lou said...

They are just precious!!! Those shorts hanging is hilarious! Tell Grandma I LOVE the shirts with their names!