Thursday, September 20, 2007

A Glorious Day!!

Okay - August 26th, their baptism! What a teary-eyed wonderful event! Such a journey, and we had come full circle. It all started with God and a prayer - to bring us our child. And here we finally were, presenting our childREN (God is generous!!) before Him and dedicating them to a life of knowing and honoring Him...what a moment! I cried the whole time, couldn't stop. But not a picture, not a single one of the actual event. Lots of witnesses to recount the story to Austin and Logan, though - their Godparents, my brother and sister-in-law (Mitch and Patsy), the rest of my family, our whole church, and some new Guatemalan friends, too.

This is Austin pre-celebration...he's already dancing!
And Logan with our Cake Lady, Pam and her husband Joey made our two beautiful and addictively delicious cakes.
Austin and Logan wore their Guatemalan shirts for their Special Day!

Then had a change of outfits better suited for "celebrating!"

The whole Guatemalan gang...I won't do names, but I will say we are SO happy and glad that everybody is finally home and came to celebrate with us!
And these are their baby Christening blankets that my mom bought for them in Guatemala. Aren't they beautiful!

We are SO blessed! We are ridiculously, glorious, happy. However, we do remember the pain and hardships of our journey and continue to pray for all the families still in process. May all you're children be forever in yours arms as quickly as possible!


Tam said...

They are just precious! I love, love, love those Guatemalan shirts!

Home sweet home said...

Such awesome memories you will have from this day. I also love the shirts !!!

Steph said...

Oh Donna! Your boys are adorable and they look so happy to finally be home!! I'm so glad that you "found" us in cyberspace. It gives us much hope to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Beth said...

This is my first time "meeting" your family and I am smiling ear to ear after reading about you "glorious day"! Congratulations!