Monday, December 26, 2011

What a great Christmas!

We didn't rush.
We didn't run around.
We didn't worry about hitting up every tradition we've ever participated in.
We just sort of took it all in.
And did what we could,
and it turned out quite perfect.

Daddy has a new job and was gone for the first two weeks of December for training.
Nonnie stepped in and helped this Momma manage things.
But we were still. both. quite. exhausted!

And it turns out when you are not busy running around,
you have more time (and energy) for cool crafts!

I made the boys these fun little Advent calendars.
They are matchboxes.  With a little scrapbooking paper and some ribbon, they made an adorable little "chest of drawers."

I filled them with little treats, scrolls (with scripture verse or things to do, like make cookies).  Once they opened the box, they turned it around created a picture on the back!

And we made some awesome ornaments! 
I bought clear glass balls.  We poured paint insideof them, shoke them up and voila...

As much as I wanted to keep them all, the boys handed themout to their teachers, their friends, and of course, everyone got one Christmas morning!

When Daddy returned home, we celebrated by making gingerbread houses!
 No kit this year, it was much, much better using graham crackers and melted chocolate!

 I had one, too...but Austin's broke.
So, he used mine.
 The "snow" was my idea, but I left Daddy in charge when this epic mess went down.

Daddy's masterpiece!
(What he was creating instead of being on Snow Patrol!)

We also snuck a few Tacky Light Tours.
Dressed appropriately, of course!

Nonnie and I made it to both boys Christmas parties at school.  Fine.  They were called "Winter Parties," but we know what they reallty were!  ;-)   


And we attempted a Christmas card, but it never happened.
So, here's our pictures!
Mason, Lory, Amanda and Evan

Austin, Logan and Tinkerbell!


Nonnie said...

Love the last photo of the boys and Tinkerbell - what a cute Christmas card that would have been.

Robin Borkowski said...

Wow Donna! You are amazing! Loving the advent calendar and the ornaments. Congratulations to Gary on the new job! All the best in 2012. Sending my love.

Anne said...

Merry Christmas! I'm glad you enjoyed this year. The pictures are great.

Hannah said...

Wow! You really did have a great Christmas! Love how much fun you had...and those GB houses are perfect :)