Friday, December 16, 2011

School Party

They called it a "Winter Party" -
But we know what it REALLY was!
A Christmas party!
For the first time this school year and for the first time in a LONG time,
the boys battled some fevers and ear infections and a pink eye/but not really pink eye infection.
I think we racked up three doctor appointments within as many days.
Wasn't that nice of them to wait until Daddy was out of town!?
But...we were thankful the boys were well enough to both attend their CHRISTMAS parties!

I volunteered for Austin's class, but ran kept sneaking into Logan's to see what his class was up to, too!

 Logan and Mrs. Lang

 Logan and Nonnie - she was playing surragate Mommy!
Something she did a LOT while Dad was out of town!

And somehow, I didn't manage to get great pics of Austin!
But, he did get ME, soooooo how bad can that be?
 Yay!!  We are ready for the holidays to begin!
Bring it!