Sunday, November 13, 2011

Kindergarten Recap

So, as life would have glorious as Day 1 of Kindergarten was....
Day 2 was just the opposite!
We did nor prepare well the night before.
(Rookie mistake, I KNOW!)
So, the morning was an automatic rush job -
finding clothes -

suitable clothes

Well, clothes we could all agree on.

We waited until morning to pack lunches - midway through this step, about 2 minutes before we are supposed to be at the bus stop, Gary discovers Austin's lunch pack lasted all of one day and has a broken zipper.

So, he did a scramble to find a substitute.

After we got the boys off on the bus,
we found their uneaten breakfast bananas at home.
And later, I realized I had not signed Austin's reading journal.

This can be excused with having two kids, but the teachers don't really know that the child in their class has a twin yet - so I look like loser mom not doing the "super easy" homework on Day 1 of the school year.
After the boys got off the bus that afternoon, we discovered more fun facts about their 2nd day of school.
Logan left his lunch box on the bus - so he had no snack and no lunch.
Luckily, his teacher provided a snack.
And the cafeteria allowed him to purchase lunch at the school.

Logan came home wearing his "back-up" pair of shorts.
Apparently, he had an accident.

Not a biggy, but while trying to remind him where the bathroom is in his class and reminding him to go several times, he rolls his eyes and explains that it happened when the policeman came into the classroom.

Ahem, confession time.
I *may* have used the whole "policeman" thing as a little extra parenting tool in times of need. 
Lets just say that when Logan saw the policeman enter the clasroom, friendly smile or not,
Logan, well......Logan reacted like he was in DEEP trouble! 
Happy to report that Logan went on to exclaim,
"And Mom, he was a REALLY, REALLY nice policeman!!"

So...well, there goes that whole little *technique*!

Here are some additional highlights from the Week 1 of Kindergarten:.

First day of school,
M: Austin what was your favorite part of the day?
Riding the bus and rest time!

Evan: Logan, did you have fun today?
Well, I didn't go the principal's office, so I'ld said it was a good day!

Isn't Kindergarten fun?
Logan: "Well, we lost a girl today.  So, that's pretty bad, huh?"
(On the bus ride home, a little girls mother was looking for her on the bus and they had sent her to daycare, instead.  Austin missed this whole scenario, but Logan delivered the news to Daddy and I like, See - this is definitely not a good idea to send me to these people to take care of me!")

Austin got a "smiley" face for day 2, but a nice little written note that the teacher, "Had to speak to Austin several times today about his chattiness." 
(Yeah, she aint seen nothing yet!)

Logan came home in his back-up clothes again,
This time the Firedrill had gone off and where that scared that the ....well, ya know, out of him!


We just had our first parent-teacher conference and both boys are doing great!
Right on par - and ah, well, both are continuing to adjust their "energy" levels!

As for us,Gary and I have seem to have gotten into our groove, too! 
8 weeks down!
11 3/4 years to go!
Whoop!  Whoop!

And I will finally admit that this is the first time that the whole twin thing has been a challenge for me - for the life of me I cannot get each kid and their perspective teacher straight!
I cannot remember who has "Popcorn Words" and who uses "Cloud Words."
Or which one reads the Scholastic Reeder and which one reads the Weekly Decoder.
Basically, my head spins a LOT!
And packing backpacks is a challenge.
"Which one of you needed to take the apple to school today?"
(sidenote: they both took apples because we couldn't figure out who was supposed to take one for a science project!)
Luckily the teachers are right next door and are now well aware that there is a twin in the next classroom, so they *may* have had to walk things between each other to get it all straight! 


Hannah said...

I was always forgetting stuff. I can't imagine having to remember two sets of stuff.

I do think the teachers should give extra credit to the boys for their cuteness :)

Greta Jo said...

You must be having fun :)
How are the boys doing with their quiet work in class? Carson is having a hard time with that area. I think I started him a little to young. He loves math and science but sitting and doing work is a struggle in the afternoon.