Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall 2011

I need to blog!  I need to blog!  I need to blog!

But instead, I'm just going to upload a bazillion pictures!
Enjoy, Evan!

(Sorry - they are out of order!)

 Zombies!  As painted/created by our friend, Grace!

Power Rangers!

We Skyped a birthday with Evan!

 The birthday boy and Amanda!

We got a new puppy!
 She's 2.5 years old. Her name is Tinkerbell. 
It's a love match!

School had a "Career Day" Dress up
 Logan went as "Michael Jordan."
Which is pretty much who he goes to school everyday as.
So, he wasn't too excited or into it. 
Plus, he was irritated that his teacher wrote, "I am a basketball player."  When what he wanted was "I am Michael Jordan!" 

On the other hand, Austin was beside himself excited because he made went as a school bus driver and he made a bus! 
 And according to him, "Dad helped a little." 

Halloween night:
The Power Rangers came out!
 And created Power Ranger Symbol pumpkins! 

Austin and his Green Power Ranger symbol.
(They don't make Green Pwr Rngr costumes!  boo!)

Mommy was a chaperone on Austins field trip!
(And Nonnie went with Logan!)

 And they dressed up as Mummies at the Nutzy Squirrelleen Party!

Hope to be back soon with a "real post!"


Bobbi said...

Great pictures!! And, while Michael Jordan is cool, the school bus driver takes the cake!!! That is too cute!!

They are growing and changing so much :) Not sure if Evan enjoyed, but I sure did!!!

You aren't the only one who needs to blog

Helene said...

Your boys always look like they're having such a good time!! They are into the same things that Garrett and Landon are into right now...Power Rangers, zombies, etc!!!!

Anne said...

Love all the pictures! I'm so glad you updated, I just checked FB the other day to make sure you were still posting there.

Michael Jordan and a bus driver, so fun!

Hannah said...

LOVE them!! they are so cool :)

I will pray for TinkerBelle!

Hannah said...

Oops...I hit enter.

I'll be praying for Tinkerbell, since I am sure she will be loved to death :)