Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Logan picked me flowers one day!
Because I'm beautiful. 

(I don't even care if he did steal them from the neighbors yard and not ours!)

We are still working on Logan's "smile"...
 The above is what I get everytime I pull the camera out!

 Austin is a bit more of a rockstar with his poses!

 Summah Mohawk boys!

Rainbow toes!

They still "find" each other throughout the night! 
And notice on Logan's shoulder is a worry doll.
Austin is obsessed with putting a worry doll under his pillow every night!
He also hands one out to everyone else at night. He takes one for everyone on sleepovers, too.
His version of their power:
"If you put one under your pillow, and tell it your worries, the worry doll watches over your bad dreams and protects you.  She makes sure the bad dreams don't get you.  She makes them happy dreams."


Bobbi said...

Love the picture of them sleeping and the worry doll story!! Cassie's friends, who are going into 7th grade still find each other at night. Cassie slept between them the other night........she won't do that again!! :)

Glad he is learning how to get a girl flowers......and not have to pay for them!! :)

Anne said...

Cute! I love the mohawk's and how they sleep so close to each other. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Tracey said...

I want a worry doll...that is so cute! Our guys like to use the "I had a bad dream" line so that's my new cure...bring it!

Hannah said...

They are so sweet. Look at them smiling and sleeping. I think you make up all the stories of them be ornery. They look absolutely perfect and well behaved to me ;)

PS: I am totally NOT doing a good job keeping up this summer...and to be honest we aren't even doing anything! I'm just lazy. :)