Friday, July 8, 2011

Ice Cream in a Bag

Anyone else heard of this?

I was pretty excited when I discovered it out there in blogland somewhere.  
And truthfully, I really did not think it was going to work. 
But...I couldn't resist putting science to the test. 

So, we followed the instructions.  Mixed our ingredients.

It's so simple, add sugar, milk and vanilla extract in a small ziploc. Then put the small ziploc inside a big one with ice and salt.
Then, the boys added a variation, our own twist to Step 5: Shake Well for 5 minutes.
The bags do get really, really, really cold.  Some suggested wearing mittens. 
But the trampoline seemed to work well for us.

We then opened the bags,

added bananas,
and voila!

No kiddin!
It really worked!
And it was really yummy!
Cept - it was a little too salty - next time, we will double bag the inside one.
Thought this would be really cool for a picnic, too! 
Yay for trying new things!

Below, the boys are on the trampoline mixing their ice cream.
And at the end, if we were the kinds of parentswho let their kids take "baths" in the springlers, well, then, we may be the kind of parents who also videotape that. 
And you may, just may get a for real, truly raw, unedited proof of just how extremely crazy my boys are. 


Hannah said...

I've seen those balls you roll around but never heard of a bag of ice cream. That is pretty cool...and a great way to burn off some energy :)

Anne said...

Love the ice cream in a bag idea. And that trampoline looks awesome. I love how they climb onto the basket ball hoop and jump down. Funa!

Helene said...

OMG, I love your boys!!! Everytime I see pics or a crazy video of yours, I'm convinced that we NEED to move closer to you!!! Our kids would get along so fabulously!!

Such a great idea for mixing the ice cream, though I could easily see my kids jumping ON the bags and exploding ice cream everywhere....leaving me to clean up the mess. Did I tell you we got a trampoline, after watching one of your fun videos??

Oh and I love how one of the boys jumped into the basketball hoop and jumped down. Crazy kids...such a riot to watch them!!! It's comforting to know my kids aren't the only ones with massive amounts of energy!