Thursday, June 16, 2011

Is summer over yet?

;-)  The kids have been out of school for about 3 weeks.  It's been hotter than a pig in a blanket and lordy, my boys are going full steam ahead!  I haven't pulled the camera out since the last post.  I even went back and tried to find some old pics to make a post out of.  But nothing.

So, here's a verbal recap of what the camera is not showing.

Austin and Logan's last soccer game of the season - and they got TROPHIES!  Austin was beside himself proud (Last year he got a medal.) Logan was all sophisticated athlete grabbing his trophy like a pro.  ;-)

Austin tried to drown Logan.   Right in front of me, too.  They were "playing" in the water, except the game was "Don't let Logan come up out of the water."  Logan said Austin pushed him down three times when he was trying to come up for air.  It scared the crap out of him.  He was crying and shaking and very, very mad at his brother.  10 minutes later they were best buds and right back at it.  I guess so much for hoping "traumztizing" events teach them lessons.

Nonnie and I took the boys out for Double Date night last night.  We had a GREAT evening, even renting paddle boats and going around the lake (I know, can you believe, NO pictures!!).  We had a fantastic dinner down in the really, neat, beautiful part of the city.  And then we pushed out luck by taking the boys out for ice cream.  Details, details, blah, blah, blah.  austin had a meltdown o EPIC proportions!  EPIC!  And he is getting too big or me to physically restrain him during an outburts - but traffic and all, I really needed to "keep ahold of him."  Lordy - he is BIG.  And STRONG.  and LOUD.  And has a TEMPER that I know my Daddy just loves!  At least - he always told me how much he loved my red-headed hot temper!  Austin makes my childhood fits look like Shirley Temple having a bad day. And his more resemble a scene out of "Possessed!" 

The ice cream truck is still driving by my house 2x a day.  Thanksfully, Nonnie made the boys Ice Cream money containers and every time they earn money, they put it in there.  If they have $ for ice cream they can get it.  If they don't have the $ - no ice cream.  No fussin'.  It's worked out GREAT!  Mom and Dad's pockets are much fuller thanks to not having to pay the crack dealer his exhorbirant prices for his store bought goodies!

Logan is having a certain (private) behaviour/issue that I strongly believe is related to adoption issues.  However, he surprised me by saying almost just that the other day.  "Mommy, I think 'Logan' makes me do this.  Maybe we should go back and start over."  Me; "Huh?  Start over?"  Logan: "Yeah, you know, like go back to where I was before you and Daddy came.  What was my name then?   Maybe if I was HIM, I wouldn't have this problem."    Pretty intelligent kid, huh? 

The boys are still great eaters!  They are willing to try anything.  Although, I'm pretty sure onceAustin learns what a "Vegetarian" is - he will demand we adhere to that lifestyle for him!  ;-)  Logan's taste are developing too - We'll ask him, "Did you like the Salmon, Logan?" his response is, "Well, I ate it.  It's okay, but I'm not really a fan of it."

Austin begged and begged me to buy a sugary cereal at the wholesale club.  Neither boys drinks milk, but we can get a bowl of cereal in about 3 to 3 times a week, if we're lucky.   So - whatever vessel it is, if it's gonna carry milk, I will probably buy it.  However this one - was chocolate and peanut butter - two things he doesn't normally like.  I did inform him that the GIANT size box was going to be all consumed before I bought him anything else at the grocery store.  He kept exsiting he LOVED it (and I didn't know when he had ever had it before.)  I was still grumbling putting it in the car while I was talking to Nonnie about it and finally I guess he felt the need to defend his breakfast choice, "But Momma!  Peanut Butter C*ptain Cr*nch is a BALANCED breakfast!"  Don't ever doubt advertsing does it job!  Happy to report that we discussed the all important term "PART o a balance breakfast." and also happy to report that he has made a huge dent in the box over the last month! 

Back around their birthday, Logan came home rom school with a piece paper and stuff scribbled all over it.  He informed me it was his "Blueprint" for a Power Ranger WipeOut Birthday Cake."  ;-)

That's long enough for now.  Hoping to get my camera out soon!! 


Bobbi said...

SOOOOOOOOO glad to catch up!!! Sounds like a busy summer so far. We are just jumping in now and I haven't got a clue as to how it is going to go!

NOW get out that camera!!!

Tracey said...

Yes, it's only been 3 weeks...hard to believe isn't it? So much more fun to be had...can't wait to join you for lots! Here's to happy swimming days and Logan leading our charge on all the tough stuff and no more melt downs!!