Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Boys will be boys!

Tracey and I waited until the temperatures reached about 125 degrees
(yes, that's Farenheit!)
(no, I am not exaggerating!)
(okay, maybe by 5 degrees or so, but jes'sayin, it was H-O-T!)
to take the boys out to our local Mini-feeding-zoo-that-has-lots-and-lots-of-hills-and-a-creek Park. 

 This was Zak's first time to Maymont!

Yep, ONE seed.  That's ALL you're gettin, buddy!

This next photo had both Mommies in near tears!
What could be more precious than two sets of hand holding best buds!?!
(Austin and Van in the lead, and Logan ever by Zak's side.)

 Some were ready to JUMP right in the fun...

 And others weren't quite sure!

Hmm, looks like a set-up!


Water rolling over rocks.
That is the image in my dream that I believe my brother sent me the night before Nonnie and I went to choose the location of his memorial tree.

And just in case you need/want to HEAR happy, happy laughter, click below:


Guatmama said...

It looks like your vacation was wonderful and you continued the fun once home! Good for you!

Greta Jo said...

Fun times...

Hannah said...

Love the payback!! So stinking cute :)

Anne said...

Looks like fun. I heart the picture of both sets of brothers holding hands!

Bobbi said...

Just add water:) Looks like a fun time!!!

Tracey said...

Too too hot and cute for sure. Love love love the hands...teared up again just seeing it. They so LOVE each other and I so LOVE that!!