Monday, January 4, 2010

Let's Go Spiders!!

University of Richmond SPIDERS that is!!

Pre-Christmas Tracey and I took the boys to their first University of Richmond basketball game!  We joined the Kids Club - and thus the sporty, matching oversized shirts!

The boys did really well - cheering, trying to catch flying t-shirts and downing $12 worth of a bag of popcorn and a drink! The stadium is cash only and well, who carries cash these days!!  lol  We'll do better next time kids!

Their shirts are SO clean because of lack of food!  They don't seem to care though!

And they got a kick out of this guy!

Looking forward to more fun games!

((Oh - and we can't wait for the CHEERLEADERS who were home on break during this game!!)


Hannah said...

They are SO cute!! They make the cutest threesome ever!

Jamie said...

Yeah...for basketball, brotherhood and free oversized shirts!!! Sad the cheerleaders were not there, maybe next time! Yuck, no credit/debit card machine...who does cash only??? Too bad...but popcorn and drink sounds yummy to me!!

Bobbi said...

Looks like they had fun, and that they forgave you for trying to starve them to death:>)

Helene said...

Eeeeew, that picture of the spider is kinda creepy!!

The boys all look adorable...and yes I did happen to notice that their shirts were extremely white!!! But then you explained the lack of cash situation and it all made sense!!