Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strong Daddy!

When you are active 3 year old twin boys it is really, really good to have a super strong Daddy!

Wait - is there a Daddy somewhere in there?

Oh - there. Here is our Daddy!
We LOVE you, Daddy!
Daddy, Daddy he's our man! If he can't do it, nobody (except Mom) can! (Hey, it's my blog!) Off to bed - the FUN way!
And it wouldn't be complete without that extra ounce of adventure to the ride that my twins must add...cuz you know he had to keep holding on well past the "safety zone" and almost fell off Daddy's shoulders!

And it's not just the bedtime shoulder ride that separates my hubby and my method of parenting. I've noticed that Daddys teach. Here's a quick example:

The Mom way: "Teeth time. Brush your teeth. Come on, hurry up, brush and then potty time. Here. Let Mom finish. Open wide." And then I finish the job, and off to the next task.

The Daddy way: "Alright, let's go brush our teeth. Get your tooth brushes. Let's put the tooth paste on and then, brush your front teeth (demonstrates this), Okay now, open wide...tilt the tooth brush (again demostrates)," get the picture,.

He's the "coach" of their lives. He breaks it down.

One (and I do mean, one) of the good things about Gary working every weekend, is that he has the boys two days during the week all to himself (while Mommy goes to work). And I constantly hear things like, "Daddy taught me how to swing - your feet go up like this and then you lay down like this." and "No, I do it like this, just like Daddy showed me."

And of course, the other stuff: "No, I want the meal in the box like Daddy gets us!" - as opposed to Mom's more economical $1 item purchases and we even split the french fries and drink!


Bobbi said...

OK, I have to give them that they should get the meal in the box:>) Seriously, I saw what a great Dad Gary is!! As far as the teaching thing, it is great, but there is a reason. They aren't trying to get this done because they have ONE MILLION other tasks to do after that one is done!!! My theory anyway.

I saw the almost falling off Daddy's shoulder thing coming!!! I know this family!!!

Helene said...

You and I are so alike it's scary!! I rush the kids through the whole bedtime routine....get in your jammies, brush your teeth, hurry up, get in bed, stay in bed, don't even think of getting out of bed.

Oh and I do the same thing with the fast food meals. I had no idea my husband was buying them the kid's meals until I took them to Wendy's the other day and they had a meltdown right there in line when I said "No, I'm gonna get a couple things off the $1.00 menu and we'll all share". Total freak out!

Tracey said...

Oh tons and tons of daddy love! Whenever Van is making his list of who will be somewhere, he always includes Austin and Logan's daddy so Gary must be teaching him stuff too! Too cute.

Cheryl Lage said...

Bwahahahahaha! The meal in the has powers!

LOVE your giveaway, but dare not even contemplate bringing more paper goods in this house! (Hello, my name is Cheryl and I'm a paperholic.)

Gorgeous stuff...memorizing the URL...for predicatable moments of future weakness.