Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More fashion Do's and Don'ts

Okay, fine...mostly "don'ts," but they're at least trying!

Wow - great job, Logan on matching the reds! We hardly noticed the stretched out collar from (one of) your favorite "Logan" shirts. You can't even tell you're wearing your size 18 month basketball shorts - many women would be extremely jealous of your small waist. I would, however make one tiny suggestion that you at least allow Mom 5 seconds to readjust your pants - even though I'm super proud of you going pee-pee all by yourself! Now the "cough, cough, ahem" um, basketball shoes really, really do work better on the correct foot. Even though, once again High 5 for getting them on yourself!

Same outing, Austin too, "surprise, surprise" dressed as a basketball player as well!Overall, Austin - great job! Many kudos! And yes, Mommy did instate the whole socks must be worn rule after all - critters were starting to grow inside of the shoes and the stink alone in your closet was drawing attention from the local health officials. Notice, how Austin, too is learning to bring the colors of his shirt into his socks. And all those nay-sayers who said camouflage was limited in its fashion depth!

Ah yes, the toe ring....

Logan, you are the only 3 year old I know who is fashion forward enough to not only assesorize with a toe ring like Mom, but you've gone and super-sized it! Not to mention that kick-butt cool clickity-clack sound it makes when you walk around the house!

Little sidebar: last week was Vacation Bible School (in the evenings). The boys sleep a-la-underwear only, so after nap, we (Nonnie, Daddy or me) had the opportunity to get the twins dressed while they were still in a daze. And we succeeded, everytime! For about 5 minutes. Because then, sure enough, one would say "no - I wanna wear my basketball shirt...I wanna wear these shorts." And then the other one would follow suit...and we ended up with these outfits instead.

Vacation Bible School - outfit number 1:

Sleeveless tank basketball shirt paired with fleece (!) camo pants, boots (um, basketball shoes), maybe socks - not sure.Austin decided red flip flops were a better choice over boots, um basketball shoes.

Vacation Bible School outfits number 2:

Not bad, really. But you can't quite see that Austin's green shorts have lime green surfboards on the side that have nothing to do with his grey shirt not to mention the mis-matching of themes (surf and sports!). And again, Austin - Mommy appreciates you wearing the socks. It's just, well...okay, fine - the light blue background and the green frogs...well, it's just all a lot to take in.

And Logan......Mommy really wishes you would retire this particular "Logan" shirt. It's really seen it's last days, honey.

But, alas...Mommy does win some days!

Like when it came time to visit their new baby cousin, Sam!

And for church - although Mommy had two really cute shirts she wanted to showcase underneath - a Monkey See and a Monkey Do (I know, could you just dieeeeeeeeeee!). But....Austin insisted that "all the way buttoned up" is the only way to wear a Hawain shirt.


Heidi said...

Those 2 are hilarious! Soooo fashion conscious! My kids don't even notice what they are wearing, I don't think! I love that they always want to dress like basketball players, that is so cute!

Kelly said...

I love their fashion sense!!!!!!!!And the matching of the camo socks is fabulous!!!!!!

Leslie said...

OMG all boys and men have NO fashion sense but your boys do wayyyy better then my hubby!!!!!! LOL

they are just sooo handsome!!!

Bobbi said...

Have your boys ever watched WHAT NOT TO WEAR?? They may enjoy it:>) I think their outfits are cute, but as I Mom, I know where you are coming from!!

The church outfits are precious. And, I feel your pain. Reese insists a sweatshirt be zipped all the way up!!!

Emmy said...

Cute boys! And good for you for letting them dress themselves. My four-year-old could still care less and will let me do it.. my two-year-old, well she is another story.
Cute blog!

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