Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Twin Thing.

Last month the "Twin group" I belong to had a panel of adult twins for us to talk to. Here is the information that I took away from the panel.

Separate them at school - Oddly not a dominate twin thing, but a "teachers treat twins as one child thing." Interesting.

They all said that their twin was their "Best friend, closest friend' and that dating (sharing the twin with another) was the toughest part of being a twin.

Here was one of my questions:
"Matching clothes...I've been trying to buy more non-matching outfits, but I've run into a new problem - if I buy a Monkey shirt and a Bear shirt - inevitably, they both want the monkey shirt! So, looking back do you have harsh feelings about being dressed a like?"

I was very surprised at the answer as I have always thought that Austin and Logan would one day fuss at me for the all the matching.

But 4 sets of twins said: "Dress them alike - it's fine, it's fun. They'll start dressing themselves differently in school."

My other question was about spending "Alone time with each parent"? "Do you wish you had had more alone time with your parents? Was it important?" Again, I was surprised with the answers. They all seemed to think that was not so important. It was MORE important, they said, for the parents to have individual relationships with each child. Not group the days' school problems with both children, etc. Makes sense to me!

Overall, they all seemed to really, really love being a twin. The identicals' major complaint was people not bothering getting to know them separately. Calling them a combo of their two names and basically treating them as "One."

They all said growing up they had some same friends and some "singleton"/not-shared friends. Some shared interest, and some different interests.

Being born first, being the oldest was a really big deal - to the one born second!! lol! And I get asked that ALL the time.

One set of identical girls said they while they were living apart (in different cities), they sent their mother the SAME Mother's Day card 9 years in a row! And their Grandmother, the same card twice.

Overall, it was a really neat panel and I enjoyed hearing all the stories and gathering all the information from the been there/done that view of life as adult twins. Kinda like seeing my/our future!


Bobbi said...

That must have been so cool!! I like the matching outfits!! Cassie is good friends w/a set of twins, and I get them so confused, but as I get to know them, they may look the same but they are totally different!!

The other post gave me goosebumps!!

Greta Jo said...

Love it. I want twins so bad.
Are you available any weekend in June to get togehter?