Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Brothers!

Ever since Evan's girlfriend didn't realize what a good thing she had, we've had Evan around the house a lot more and we're loving it!!!

Here's how most afternoon's are spent.

One day, Austin and Logan came through the house, with 4 of their big "brothers" in tow. "Mom, We're gonna show the basketball players our trampoline."

Austin and Logan wanted to show off their "grab the rim" techniques.

And my favorite, my absolute favorite moment of the day.... was when all four boys "jumped"
to Logan's rescue!
Teenage boys rock!!


Steph said...

It looks like party time at your house every day! How awesome! Good grief, I am amazed at those boys hangin' off the rim with one arm.

Heidi said...

Whoa, you are brave! I'd be so afraid of them falling off the trampoline! Austin and Logan have some skills, wow! Evan and his friends are so good with them and I love the pic of the boys sitting on the curb watching them play basketball.

Bobbi said...

ok, watching them all jump was priceless. Evan's girlfriend obviously didn't know what she is missing.....but he could use those two to get more. They must be total chic magnets!!

Joe enjoyed watching their rim tricks too

Hannah said...

Your boys crack me up...so cute and brave.

I hope when Dmitry is older he wants to hang at our house with his friends too!

Greta Jo said...

love it. Carson said, their silly ;)