Monday, June 23, 2008

Summetime, computer problems, etc x 2!

I know you're all wondering "Where in the world is Donna?" Okay, maybe not, but anyway.....

Donna's gettin' her butt kicked! lol

First off, Austin is okay - thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Whatever is was went away on it's own and Logan never really got it. How lucky are we? Swoo

Summertime with two two year olds who are all about being outside and in the water ALL the TIME is crazy! So, I'm never really near my computer to blog, heck - I'm not even really taking pictures right now! yikes!

I am also down a computer and have slower-than-dial-up-Internet speed at the moment, camera issues (still!) and just an all around horrible time trying to get to the computer when I do have a spare minute.

On top of all that, Gary's job have changed some and he is having to help open a new store while still "overseeing" his current/old store (read: Gary is never home!) and then I am loosing my flex hours and having to go to a "scheduled" work week.

Yikes, yikes, yikes!!

So, lots of change and adjustment on top of busy schedules! I apologize to my blogland buddies - I am trying to keep up with your blogs, but just can't seem to take the 7 hours needed to post a comment with my stinky internet connection. Charger for the old computer should be arriving soon (which will fix both my computer and camera issues).

In "big" news, I would like to report that Austin and Logan's re-adoption here has been finalized. Anti-climatic - we don't go to the court house or to a judge or anything. We just paid a lot of money to have a lawyer submit/file our paperwork for us. And then we got a little letter back saying it has been done. So now we get to move forward with new social security cards, US passports, etc.

blah, blah, blah.....sorry, no pics...Oh, and as for my story and the retelling of last year's extended pick-up trip, well, in the midst of all of the above, that seems to be put on indefinite hold. boo. I truly want to get those words and thoughts down "on paper", so I will be trying!


Bobbi said...

I have missed you!!ANd, I need some serious Austin and Logan pics. BOO HISS to the computer!! THat cord better come soon.

But, yeah on re-adoption. Boy, you can't just do anything the easy way can you?:>)

I am with you on the outside stuff. Joe is away for the next 5 days. HEaven help me!!!!!

Heidi said...

Well, I've missed you but you have a good excuse so you are forgiven! j/k. Glad you are having a fun busy summer. Slow internet connections are so so frustrating. Congrats on the re-adoption!

Our Family of 5 said...

Well, I am glad your back! Well sorta back! I have missed you and have been looking daily for a update=)

Steph said...

Yes, I have been wondering!! Phew...I need a nap just after reading about all your excitement and crazy schedules!

YAY on the readoption!! Is this the last of all the dreaded paperwork, other than SS cards?

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

I have been wondering where you were! So glad everything is ok, but sorry you are so busy. I know what you mean by being busy, I always have something going on too!

that cord better come soon, I need my fix of Austin and Logan pics!!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh how WONDERFUL on the finalization! :) That is EXCELLENT news!

Looking forward to seeing new pix once you get that action back! :)

Enjoy the summer, Sweetness...and thank you for all your kind words over on my blog! (You know, if I don't note some of the stuff that pops out of their mouths and minds ASAP on the blog, it's lost forever! Not so much leisure time, as "must remember" in the wake of Mommy brain x 2!)

Kisses to those cuties!

TONYA said...

I found you on Cheryl's Twinfatuation site and wanted to stop by and say hello.

Congratulations on the boys re-adoption, they are just too cute.

Now that I've found you, I promise to miss you if you disappear in the future.

JuJu - said...

welcome back:)