Monday, June 16, 2008

House Cleaning...

Okay, I will resume the story where I last left off sometime this week. Last year, I could not blog basically the whole time I was on my "extended pick-up" trip. So I am trying to document that journey now. Thanks for the enthusiasm!

My little Austin has got some nasty, nasty bug that is sending him into the 103 temperature range. Comes down real easy with a dose of Motrin, but then spikes right back up when the Motrin wears off. So....while taking care of him, I did not get a chance to publicly wish my hubby a Happy Father's Day!

Here's Austin and Logan "presenting" their gifts and cards. They hand picked a fish card and a Spiderman card! And they made two little "catch-all" dishes at church for him.

Boy, they sure do love themselves some DadDa!! And I love this man who is a hands-on Daddy with all of his kids. He sets such a good example, the older boys are very proud of him and we all just love him very much. Bath time is Daddy-time. I'm Mom Boring, but Dad is Funtastic!! Oh - the games they play!

And of course, I thought a lot about my Dad yesterday. Six months. It seems like SO much longer since I've seen him. Mostly now my memories of him are from when he was healthy and cancer free. I still expect to see him sometimes, too. I know that won't go away for a long time. And I also I know with all my heart that Dad is still around us all the time, watching over us and sharing in our happiness - especially watching the twins grow up.

Okay some more housecleaning!

From the previous post - on guessing Austin and Logan's height and weight, Suzanne nailed it exactly!! 34 inches and 27 lbs. They've grown 6 inches since last year, but they've only gained 7 lbs! As active as they are, it 's not hard to see why they haven't gained more!

Next, we finally got to play with Van (! He's been home from China now about two weeks and we met for a playdate at the park. That was a memory a long time in the making between Tracey and I!! Van is oh-so-adorable! And looks just like another Austin and Logan. Same height and weight and same Asian features. We were asked twice if they were brothers or if they were triplets! We can't wait for this relationship to blossom between these three very special little guys. Not many pics as it was incredibly difficult to get all three of the muchkins together. And I can't get my pictures to upload from my other camera, urrr!And lastly, Evan grabbed the camera yesterday and did a photo shoot with the boys, poses and all and he got some GREAT pictures. Austin was already feeling bad, but wanted to participate SO badly, so he got in there some, too!

I bow down to Evan's newfound area of expertise. He is now the appointed family photographer!

Please keep Austin in your prayers, we'll see what the doctor says tomorrow.


Beth said...

Hi!! Please forgive my bad commenting etiquete! I have had the hardest time making the time to sit and catch up, but I have your awesome family on my mind all the time.

Still hoping to hear news of plans to travel North! hee hee!

Greta Jo said...

Donna- I though about you several times on Father's day.
I will pray for Austin. Please keep me posted.
You dress the boys in the coolest clothes.

Steph said...

Poor Austin!!! Hopefully it will clear up very soon and hopefully it is not that nasty roseola!!

I LOVE the photo shoot!!

Bobbi said...

I can imagine Father's Day was a tough one for you. He sounded like a special man. As does your husband. It is great he is involved.

I hope Austin feels better. He will---just in time for Logan to get it. The joys of TWO!!

I love that last picture of them. Hugging and smiling. Perfect. Can I borrow your new photographer???

Heidi said...

Poor Austin! I hope he feels better soon. Your dad sounds like a great man, no doubt he is missed. So glad your hubby had a good Father's Day and that he is so adored!

Our Family of 5 said...

Poor Austin!! Hope he feels better soon!!

Victoria & Joe said...

I am just getting caught up on the blogs since being home... I love the catching up...all the pics are great.. we'll be thinking about Austin.. hope he is ok

Guatmama said...

I had to laugh - once again our tastes in clothing are coming thru. I bought these outfits for Sam and Joe to wear when Joe comes home. So, if it is October and my sons are in shorts, just laugh with me!

I am sure you miss your father. I am also glad that the happy memories are what have stayed with you.!