Monday, May 26, 2008

More Vacation pics...

We're home. Boo. We had so much fun!

We were in the Outer Banks, NC. "Duck, NC" to be specific. It's only a 3 and 1/2 hour drive and rather "affordable" on today's gas prices.

This is the house we rented:

It's the biggest and best we've rented so far. This is the pre-season cheap week, but we were blessed with beautiful weather the whole week.

This is the "crew" that went, my family of 6, plus one (Mason's girlfriend, Lori), my older brother and his family, my mom (of course) and my younger brother.

"Wild" horses on the beach. Isn't that cool? This year they looked really healthy, in years past they've always seemed a bit "thin" to me.
Okay, dark picture, but I wanted to show the "sound" (as opposed to the ocean) which was on the other side of our street.
Evan chillin'. The beach (Atlantic Ocean) is at the end of the street. Super close!`

Mason and Lory's self portrait!

All four of my boys. May I say they look dashing in their hibiscus!
Going out for dinner.

Going our "choppin" (shopping).
They had just woken up from their nap and were ready to go swimmin'. Don't they look like they're still asleep!

Each morning the twins woke up and went "visiting." They loved to hang out in Nonnie's room.

They loved givin' smooches to their "Pan-chee." (Their name for Patsy.)

More mornin' lovin' for Nonnie.

On our last day of vacation, our dear friends and fellow adoptive parents Jeff and Robin joined us at the pool for some fun!
Princess Mira and one of her 4 brothers, Emerson, peaking out from behind her. I could eat this girl up, she's so cute!! With all of the activity, I did not get near enough snuggle time with her!
I have much more to blog about, but it's taking me this long to "recover" from vacation fatigue! Austin and Logan had SO much fun, they never stopped, they never slept - with so many people around and so much water (pool, beach), 4 doggies to love on, etc, etc, etc, - who can blame them!
On our second night home, Logan had his first emergency room visit. He was jumping on the bed and fell off and with his head broke the metal knob off of he side table. Broke the metal knob!! He is now the proud, temporary owner of an emergency room staple in his head. No stitches, just one big staple.


Steph said...

Metal knob??!!??!! Oh my gosh!!!

The vacation looks absolutely divine!! So glad you had wonderful weather!!

Tam said...

Great vacation pics. I love NC!

Poor Logan!

Our Family of 5 said...

OH MY GOSH! Your so calm..LOL..I would have freaked! Loved all the pictures. What a wonderful get away. I miss the beach! Can't wait to see more pics. You have a great looking family!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

That house is AWESOME! Can I also tell you that my dream is to see wild horses! and on the beach I could just die....I showed Jenny and we both just about died!

The boys are so cute all of them! and Logan and Austin in thier going out to dinner clothes are just the cutest things ever.

Poor, poor Logan. I am glad he is ok, but a staple. A staple, I can't imagine what that looks like.

Bobbi said...

I have missed you!!!!! So glad you are back. So glad Logan is ok. OUCH!!! Poor mama. They always bounce back quicker than we do. METAL KNOB??????

Ok, the pics are all too cute. I kept saying"that's my favorite" But, I do love the ones of them going out to dinner and by the pool right after nap.......and,

Glad you all had fun. Now, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.:>)

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Donna, looks like everyone had SUCH a wonderful time! (and isn't it always the punctuation on a vacation's end to have a ER visit? ;) ) So glad he's on the mend!

Twin & Van playgroup soon! ;)

Heidi said...

EEK! I am glad he is ok. ER visits are always so scary. We have had a couple so far. That house you stayed in is gorgeous! I'm glad you had so much fun. It must have been so great to be with all of the family.

ellasmommy said...

Your vacation pics are beautiful! You have a beautiful family, too!


Dena said...

sooo jealous - i have been to ocracoke before - it was a 9 hour trip but it is beautiful - nice pad too - that's sooo fun!

Guatemama said...

Oh Man I am glad that he is ok. Yikes! It looks like a fabulous vacation!! Glad you had such a great time with your whole family.

Anonymous said...

Great vacation pictures! We love the outer banks and are headed that way in 3 weeks.

The boys outfits are always so cute. I loved the picture of all four guys in their hibiscus suits.

Poor Logan!

Tara said...

Wow, what an amazing house! It sounds and looks like you guys had an incredible time!! Beautiful, beautiful pics. Sorry about Logan's little noggin and staple. I hope he heals FAST!!!

JuJu - said...

great pics:):)