Thursday, May 15, 2008


Go get yourself a bucket of popcorn, turn up the volume on your computer and get ready to watching to dancing fools!!

Austin and Logan LOVE Hi-5. As I've mentioned before, A and L first discovered Hi-5 in Guatemala. We've found it here on Discovery Channel and can watch episodes anytime On Demand.

For some reason, we have gotten stuck on this one episode called, "TEAMS." The five Hi-5 performers are dressed like cheerleaders and sing a song. Austin and Logan ask for "Teams" or "Go, go, go" ALL DAY LONG.

In the following Montage, you can see their dancing skills, expert use of Pom Pom's (bought for Evan's basketball games), their growing vocabulary and even a Spanish word or two!


Milk Mama said...

Wow! Twins adopted from Guatemala! What a blessing! :D They are so cute!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

What a cute jumpy dance! Mia loved HI-5 too, but I couldn't stand it so we haven't watched it since we have been home from Guatemala! Aren't I horrible?!??

Anyway the boys are too cute. Can't wait to see them in person!

ggaggle said...

Love all that dancing!!!!
Call me!... I can't find your #!

Bobbi said...

Reese doesn't get into high-5, but loves monster trucks, which is on right after that.

Those boys made me tired. I loved hearing"pom-pom" over and over. T

They are getting so big!!

Heidi said...

That is too funny! Emmi likes Hi-5 but doesn't get that into it! They totally know the song, it cracks me up.

Abby's mom - Pam :) said...

You boys are such cutie pies. I wouldn't know what to do with twins. I have my hands full with just one. Thanks for visiting Abby's blog and for your prayers.Just wanted to let you know that Abby did fine with her surgery. She has been fussy and only wants her Mommy to hold her and that's ok with me. Come back and visit our blog soon. I have put new pictures of Abby on there this morning.


Our Family of 5 said...

They exhaust me just watching them! Too Cute! Sophia doesn't watch Hi-5 but we get down to the doodlebops!

Bobbi said...

Hey guys, this was fun. I just had the best time dancing with you on my Dad's computer while Mom read her blogs. She says thanks for the entertainment?? Whatever that means!!

Can't wait to meet you this summer.


Steph said...

HA!!!! Is this on Discovery Kids or regular Discovery Channel? ELi apparently loves this show, too.

Laurie said...

That is hilarious! They are sooo cute! I am going to have to check that show out!

Sharon said...

Precious! And, a great tribute to your mom!

Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Donna, they are too darling!
I think Hi-5 may just be a twin thing...Darren and Sarah love it too...STILL!

Darren likes Shaun the best, and Sarah likes Kimmee. I like the fact that it's so fresh and lively.

We've gotta get our gangs together when Van gets to the U.S.!