Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Weekend!

Okay, the shiner: It actually got SO much worse! Lots of pretty purples, maroons and blues!
However, the swelling went down, so I sort of forgot about it (since I could see clearly over my cheek again).
But then, I'd get all sorts of looks from other people and that reminded me what I looked like! One poor, sweet little girl at the Best Buy check out counter took pity on me and said "It's not worth it, honey. No man is." Oh, but if she could only see him!
"Mom, Are you actually telling people I hit you? I'm just a little baby, comeon!"

Friends: Yay, we got to spend time with some dear fellow Guatemalan buddies on Friday. We LOVE Mira and Emerson and now we get to watch them all the time because their Mommy finally started their family's blog! Three homegrown boys who are just so handsome and sweet and one boy (3 yrs) and one girl (20 mnths) from Guatemala! Adoption brought many dear friends into our lives. And we are so blessed to have Robin and Jeff and their five beautiful children enriching our lives!
Check out her blog and drop her a line letting her know I sent you over!

Remembering and still adjusting: It's been one month since my father passed away. It's only been four weeks, but we can definitely feel the loss and miss his presence and ever smiling face.

This week, my mom got a hand written letter from the president of the University of Richmond where my father worked for over 39 years. They were flying the flag at half-mast in his honor. My father loved U of R, he loved his employees, he loved going to the basketball games (both men and women's) and he was very proud of the longevity of his employment there. As a family, we were very touched and humbled by this gesture from the university.

On Saturday we went to the campus, which is simply beautiful and took some pictures. As we walked up the hill where the flag was, the bell tower started playing music (I got some of it on tape).

Reading the plaque that displays my father's name.

The twins in their Christmas outfits from Grandma and Granda-da-da-da.

After admiring the view for a few minutes, a big breeze came along and started blowing the flag for us. As we walked away, the "breeze" died down and the flag rested again.

Right back atcha Dad, we love ya, too!


Steph said...

What a beautiful tribute to your father. He clearly touched many lives.

Bobbi said...

GOOSEBUMPS.....and tears. What a wonderful way to end this journal entry.

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Can I say I am so jealous of your friends that live nearby? : )

Your dad was obviously very important to many people and great story. Very touching.

Greta Jo said...

Wow, how touching Donna.
You must be really proud to call him your "Dad".

Our Family of 5 said...

Goosebumps here too! What a touching tribute to your father!!

Tam said...

CHILLS again!

Guatemama said...

WOW What a wonderful tribute to your Dad. Tears and goosebumps over here too. Glad you had this day.