Thursday, January 17, 2008

Blizzards and Brotherly love!

Richmond finally gets snow! Blizzard-like conditions, over 0.0015 inches of accumulation. Surrounding area schools close, local businesses shut down. And Austin and Logan get to play in snow-no-no!

Their first "real" snow. Logan (ever looking for balls) has fun with Grandma's snowball and Austin(in the blue) shows us his "brrr" sign for how cold it is.

Then, as is Richmond's tradition, it all turned to rain and all the snow went away. Seriously, you folks that get snow after snow after snow - stop hogging it all and send us at least ONE good storm this year! Puh-leeze!!

So after the snow was gone, but it was still freezin' here, it was time for some brotherly love~

Logan was eating lots and lots of Grandma's stew and Austin was tired of waiting for him to be done!

Oh, Logan, I'm so glad you're finally done eating!
Thanks for waitin' for me, Austin! You're the best!
Austin continuing to "pat" on Logan. I mean it, I'm SOOO glad you're done! I thought you'ld never finish!
Get away from me, I get it, enuf already!

Oh, just kidding, Austin, I love you, too!

So dang sweet! I love these little guys so much. I cannot even begin to put into words how much joy they give me every single second of the day! I am so thankful to God for blessing me and my family with them. I pray for all those in process to be united soon and we continue to pray that God finds a way to open up adoptions in Guatemala again and that He cares for and watches over all the babies and children caught in the process until then.


Bobbi said...

Those pictures are adorable!! They love each other so much (at least then).

Wow! Glad to see you could stand up in all that snow. Lots of our turn to rain too as we live on the Coast.

Our Family of 5 said...

They are just too cute together. I am sure they are a riot together!

nsmorinville said...

I just love to see kids playing in the snow when they never get to see it. Here in northern Minnesota right now it is about 22 below you might want to be careful for what you wish for or you may just get more than what you bargained for!!! :) Love the updates!!!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

Oh Donna I will send you some snow ANYTIME! Who wants the stuff anyway - we are suppose to get 7-8 inches tomorrow on top of the 2-3 inches we already have. If you want snow come visit us anytime in Michigan : )

I love the boys hugging and kissing. How sweet. They just get cuter evertime I see them.

Greta Jo said...

Too Cute! I can feel your love for your boys as you write about them.
We are all so lucky.

Steph said...

We'd be glad to send you some snow!! How about some subzero temps, too??

These pics are soooooo cute!! What sweeties!!