Sunday, November 18, 2007

Temporarily closed due to virus..

We're on Day 4 of a virus. High fever, congestion, lots of poopey diapers - lots.

As their first sickness since being home, it's not too bad. I've just pretty much been stationary as one or both of them has been on my lap or snuggled up to me for the last four days. Not bad for me, eh!?! They've been real troopers and I hope, for their sakes, we're at the tail end of it!

We'll be back soon..but until then, here's a few pics of them all dressed up pre-sickness! This was supposed to be their Christmas outfit, but they're growing a little faster than we anticipated. So, they wore it to church last week. There's a tie, too and they started the day with their shirts tucked in, but we're lucky we snapped off a few pics at all!


Bobbi said...

How cute are they!! I love it.

First time sick? Oh, how jealous I am. Reese has been sick at lest twice a month since coming home almost eight months ago. By now it is just par for the course.

Hope they are better soon!!

Beth said...


Good luck with sick tots! No fun. Hoping they recover quickly.

Our Family of 5 said...

Look how adorable they look! Hope you are all feeling better soon!

Tam said...

Oh! They are just so adorable! I hope they're feeling better by now...