Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Okay, here's our Halloween pictures. Last weekend, we went to our "Mother's of Multiples Club" party. They went as Nascar drivers!

On Tuesday Night, Daddy helped them carve their first pumpkins, they loved it!!

Logan is in the green, Austin is in the blue and that's Austin's smile! We don't catch it often in pictures!
Logan did not like his "M" at first. Okay, he hated it!
Liking it better when Daddy played with us!Get ready!!
GO M&M's!

They did NOT tire and could have gone all night! They mostly enjoyed meeting and visiting with everybody.
And this is what scarey brother, Evan was doing hiding between our cars. When the little ones would come up to our door, Mason would play some scarey music real soft. You could see the parents start to look around and Evan would just be standing there half in the dark, but very near them. Scarey!!


Katie said...

There costumes are the cutest !! Did you make them !!

ManyBlessings said...

My favorite photo is of your little green M&M (sorry don't know which little guy it is) sitting on the steps, eyeing that big bowl of candy. That one had me laughing out loud! :)

And Mason and Evan? Oh my word. My girls would have freaked and not slept at all that night!! Hahahaha!!!!


Lou said...

Love the M&M's!!! They are just growing.......Don't you just wish we could freeze our babies? They just look wonderful, Donna.

Bobbi said...

Love their M&M costumes! My older daughter was an M&M when she was two! Glad they had fun.

Our Family of 5 said...

Love the M & M's. Too darn cute and the Nascar drivers. How much fun to have twice as much excitement!