Saturday, December 23, 2006

We're Back

Hi folks! We’re back. It’s 12:40 am and we’re in the car coming home from DC. Our internet access got a little slow at the hotel and we just weren’t able to keep sharing/updating. So, I’ll work on another snapfish album and then send that out soon.

As far as the rest of the trip, simply put, it was amazing. Spending all of this undivided attention with them, really gave Gary and I had chance to see their difference and their personalities. Although Austin in bigger (by a pound), Logan shovels the food in! We think he’ll catch up and maybe even beat Austin in the size department.

Austin loves being thrown in the air and tossed on to the pillows, he peels with delight! His favorite activity is being pulled across the incredibly soft hotel sheets from one end of the king bed to the other. It is a game Mommy tires of because he does not. Now, toss Logan onto the pillow and he won’t cry, but he will look at you like you have offended him. “Boo” is his favorite game, the louder, the scarier, the better. He just squeals and squeels if we sneak up on him and and scare him.

We're exhuasted. It's obviously been the worst day of our lives - handing over the babies. But the Foster Family was incredilbe, we know they are being loved and WELL-cared for. Feliz Navidad! Again, thank you for your love and prayers as Gary and I travel this journey, your support really means the world to us! Love ya!! .

Santa came! And he brought us our stockings filled with gifts from everybody back home!

Christmas starts with the Nativity story. Logan is awake, just very relaxed!

So many things to touch and feel in this book - we love it!

Time for presents!

Hmm - these bells are really neat!

Yea! We like Christmas!

Logan wearing Grammy T's Christmas gift! And wearing shoes for the first time!

Mommy and Logan...Logan looking quite the Little Man in his outfit!

This one of Mommy's favorite pictures!
Austin and Logan loved to sit in front of the large mirror and "watch" themselves.

Merry Christmas!

We love our new Arby toys! They're just the right size for us and feel so good onour gums!!

Oh so precious!

Daddy and his boys!
Daddy and Austin...
Mommy and Logan...

Good-bye hotel! Good-bye Austin and Logan, we'll be back soon and we'll be missing and praying for you every minute of every hour of every day until we see you again....Love, Mommy and Daddy