Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where oh Where is that DNA?

No word on DNA yet. I feel like I can't breathe! I know in my heart, God is in control and that He will get these boys to us at the exact time it is meant to be, it is just so hard to stay focused on that and not think that we're in control of it all somehow.

On a different note, Anne and I painted the nursery (Gary prepped it for us) and it looks great. So, Mom and I need to finish sewing.I also signed up to be a parent volunteer in Evan's Spanish class - Hola, yo estudio Espanol!

Updated to add what I wrote in my journal that day:
Well, what can I say but another tough week. Mommy’s still recooperating from her mini car accident. I’ve been making arrangements to be a parent volunteer at Tucker to learn Spanish. Aunt Anne and I painted the nursery this week! It looks beautiful! I went to A RAMOM meeting – everyone is so happy about you two – they’re just so excited that you’re coming to America to live with us. I think lots of people have a special place in their hearts for adoption, it’s just such a warming way to make a family – not the easy ol’ way, but the very special way.

Grandpa B is doin really well with his chemo! Go Dad! I think he wants to be here with you. Uncle Brian is real excited about you two as well.

We hope to ask Mitch and Patsy to be your Godparents this weekend while Frankie is here.

So, things are not progressing very well with a forward momentum on the adoption. HOWEVER, Mommy feels very strongly that God IS INDEED driving this ship and that things are going slow now for a reason. Maybe so that when we get to PGN, we will hit the right desk of the right person at the exact right moment for warp speed approval. I just have this gut feeling that we’re going to start flying and that god will be delivering you to us before we know what hit us.

I am thinking that a visit trip might not happen.

Ed once questioned China, maybe two times. I thought it was really weird at the time, but then lo and behold = we switched to Guatemala. So, I think he knew something there.

So, the other day, he chuckled and said, You’re gonna have fun. I had a dream about your future and it’s gonna be fun. So, you don’t know how I try SO hard each day to hold on to that. TO knowing in my inner core that you wil be coming to me.

Daddy calls all day long asking if we’ve heard anything. Aunt Anne, Grandma B and SO many others are wishing and praying for you guys.