Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Lawd!

Logan is currently obsessed with babies.  Or rather with pregnant women!  Specifically the BELLY!
He inundates me with questions daily - how can the babies eat in there?  How does the mommy sleep?  do the babies get squished? 

The other night, Van and Zak's  Aunt Christina joined us at the ballpark.  Aunt Christina is about 8 months pregnant!  So, during the game, Logan was loaded with questions!

While we were walking around the stadium stretching our legs, he was holding my hand and looked up at me, "Mommy, but how does the baby GET IN the belly?"


"Um, well, it takes a boy and a girl, honey, to make a baby.  That's the way God does it."

Looking up at me, he grins and says, "I KNOW how it happens, Mommy!"


"Um, okay.  How Logan?"

"Mommy, I think the boy and the girl just have to hug for a long time and that's how the baby is made."

Um, okay - yeah, I'll go with that.

"You know what baby?  I think you're absolutely right!"

(Me, swiping brow in a "I just dodged a bullet on that one!" sigh of relief!)


Later, back in our seats, we were cheering on our team.  Me standing.  Logan standing in his seat with his arms around my waist.  He squeezes me tight.  I look down, he's smiling at me.  I leaned down to give him a kiss and in my ear, he whispers....

"Mommy?  Did we just make a baby!?"



Hannah said...

:D I'm not sure I have any words for that one! What a hoot! I can just see him the first day of school hugging ALL the girls ;)

Laurie said...

LOL Oh my gosh! You have your hands full! When you figure out the answer aaah I mean the appropriate answer would you let us know! I've always been honest with Bella about so much stuff, but this one I'd have to pass on the exact truth right now!