Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Risking my blog.

It's dark in here. It's scary. It smells....bad. It's sticky. There's mess and mayhem every square inch. I'm afraid and yet, I've gone where no woman, no civilized woman, should ever go. I see things...well, things my eyes should not see.

I am in......

I am in my son's bedroom. On his computer.

Because mine is sick and won't be back for another week yet.

And I can't stand it. I must blog. (Although oddly enough during this blogging hiatus I discovered I can actually keep a clean house? Who knew!?!)

So here I sit, risking nausea, infectious disease, and who knows what else to bring you the below pictures. Enjoy!

Getting ready to get squirted with the hose by Evan.

At the water park with Nonnie.

These were my camp helpers from church. Wonder if I could get them to move in with me!

Our "triplet" Van joined us one day at camp. Yay! My aunt and cousins live in Anaheim, CA and sent us this Disney care package: shirt, ears and Micky Mouse himself! (Evan again with the great photography skills!)
At the Lake for some July 4th festivities.
Austin and Logan both went jet skiing for the first time.

Pictures for their 1 year anniversary home!

My brother Brian playing with Austin. Check out the cute Monkey Nonnie made for the boys. Logan is really attached to his!


Heidi said...

You crack me up!!! I'm glad you risked your life to post those pics. They are great!

Gwen, Jenny, & Mia said...

You know you are a serious blogger when you......go into your teenage son's room to blog! Did you get a virus from checking out those porn sites?!? : )

The boys are just precious. There little faces are just to die for...I just want to kiss them.

Our Family of 5 said...

Brave Brave Woman you are!! Although I am happy to see updated pictures of them sweet boys!

Tracey said...

So so happy you entered that forbidden zone...totally missing seeing those cute faces! Triplet Van is ready to play again whenever you are!!
Happy belated 4th and home-aversary!

Bobbi said...

I had one of those monkeys!!

SOOOOOO glad you risked your life. When you are in the hospital with an unknown disease I promise to send flowers.

AHHHHHH Austin and Logan thank you for the cuteness fix. I had a really bad day, and you guys just made me smile........but stop growing up!! You are looking like big boys.

A clean house???? NO, never. Bloggign is better!!!

Tina said...

Glad you braved the room. The boys are so stinkin cute!

ggaggle said...

Everyone looks like they are having fun. We miss you and love you- and I guess for now pictures will have to do.
Give the boys a kiss for us!

Katie said...

They are the CUTEST little waterbugs ever !!

Steph said...

Ha!!! You are too funny!!! Oh the sacrifices you made for your loyal blogger fans!! YAY FOR PICS!!! It looks like the boys have been busy and having loads of fun!

TONYA said...

ha ha. I remember posting a while back about having to venture into my 12 year old sons bedroom/hovel. Teenage boys rooms are very scary places, you never know what you may find ... or what may find you.

It was definitely worth your catching an infectious disease and feeling ill to blog. The pictures are gorgeous.

Greta Jo said...

The 'things' we will do to blog. lol

Oh Donna- The boys are so stinkin' cute. I hope one day we will get to meet. We really do not live that far from each other.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you risked your life to make that post! I just love seeing pictures of Austin and Logan!!!

The Myers Family said...

HI! I found your blog through cheryl over at twinfatuation! I briefly read through your blog..what an AMAZING journey. It made me cry happy joyous tears for your family! Your boys are precious. ALL FOUR OF THEM! Your twins are very lucky to have been adopted by your family! They are adorable! I'm going to keep up with your journey...hope you don't mind if i add you to my blog roll? I have id twin girls who are almost 19 months old(born 12/26/06)..BTW.

Have a wonderful day!


Cheryl Lage said...

Oh Donna, I was HOOTING at the clandestine computer access! Desperate times, desperate measures! Oh, the pictures are too precious, and your pair peeking over the pier? Adorable!

So sad to have missed the mass meeting/playdate this afternoon...please let's try and get together en masse soon!

Leslie said...

Your sons are sooooo cute! You are so blessed!