Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Help Needed for a GuateMomma/blogger

I don't know this woman or her family. I only just found out about her yesterday. I only know that she is an adoptive mother just like me and something has gone horribly wrong in her case.

When Austin and Logan were 8 months old and we didn't even have DNA yet, my case worker (in an effort to soothe me) said "Donna, when this is all over and done, I promise you will have a child in your arms, it may not be this one or these two, but I promise you will have a child."


"These two" already were my children. Since the moment I saw their picture, they were mine.

Yes, I know you're not supposed to "get attached." But, I would have gone to the ends of the Earth for Austin and Logan. For my children.

So, this family has a daughter. Like many of us long to do, the mother moved to Guatemala to foster her daughter. And then, something went horribly wrong - paperwork, decisions, PGN, judges, lawyers. And they can't come home. Her timeline sites 17 months since the PGN nightmare began.

cannot imagine

and yet
it could have been any of us.

So, her blog friend, Andrea is asking for all of us to help out. If I were down there living this nightmare, I would hope and pray that there were angels out there to help us.

Understandably, this family is in financial crisis. And they could use some Angels.

Here is the link to Andrea's blog: http://theparentfiles.blogspot.com/
And here is Erin's blog: http://jesuswasnotarepublican.blogspot.com/

Donations can be made through Paypal. You will need an account which is easy to set-up if you don't have one. Then click on "Send Money" and type in Erin's e-mail address: Erinstoy77@yahoo.com . The rest should be easy.

And secondly, please add this family to any prayer list you are aware of.


Bobbi said...

I have followed this story for quite some time now. It is sad.

She is very talented. I have bought some of the things that she has made. So glad to be helping her out.

What your case worker said is just dreadful. How insensitive! So glad it all turned out well.

JuJu - said...

hoping they raise lots of money:)

Bobbi said...

Hey, how's the family??

So glad the dog is better...any hopes for the Mama and the kids?