Sunday, December 23, 2007

Walking Daddy Home....

God is calling my father home. It's his time.

We're not ready.

We are so grateful to God who gave us two years, when the doctors gave us 6 weeks. We are so thankful to God who gave Dad a remarkable, an amazing quality of life these past two years. I am humbled that God allowed Dad to meet his grandbabies, that God graced us with these last 5 months with nothing but happiness since the twins have arrived home. Dad has fallen completely in love with them. And they adore their "Gr-Da-da-Da-da-Da."

On Oct 26th, Dad's brain tumor had shrunk by 30%. We had gotten used to Dad being the Walking Miracle. Nobody ever expected to see him at his next doctor's appointment. And everytime he returned, the doctor's just shook their heads and said, "We don't know how."

But we knew. God had His own plans for Dad. And that included, for whatever glorious reason, for Dad to get to bask in the love of his grandbabies. And for my babies to get to know and enjoy their Grandfather.

Thanksgiving, just three short weeks after we got the news about the tumor shrinkage, we were devastated to learn that the original brain tumor site had "exploded." The cancer was running rampant throughout his brain.

God was calling.

My father has faced his death several times now. He has never questioned God. He has given thanks for a beautiful life, a beautiful family. He has always wanted more time, but gave that up to God in the very beginning and trusted in Him.

I am so thankful. I am devastated. I am fine and then I am crying at the check out counter at Target. I am fine and then I am pulling over the car because I am balling.

Two weeks ago Dad was still up and about. Still joking. Still laughing. One week ago, we brought Dad home from the hospital with the help of Hospice. He loved having the twins climb up and over the railings. They snuggled on him daily and gave him kisses and chanted "Gr-Da-da-Da-Da-da."

By Monday, Dad could no longer get up. Two days ago, he stopped eating and drinking. I think he sees heaven sometimes. He cries and tells us how much he loves God. He tells us he's never seen such beautiful things and such beautiful people.

I am honored to sit at his side and take him as far on his journey as we can. Forgive me, I don't have the energy to re-read and proof my entry and I know I'm all over the place. But now, all of the "coincidences" of late seem to have a new meaning. To remind me of the fullness of time, that everything happens when it should. And I am at peace. And I am comforted.

I ask that you all pray for my father. Pray to keep the pain at bay. To please pray for my family also, to give us extra strength in our weakened state.

God gave us His only son. And we celebrate that miraculous birth at Christmastime. Let us not forget that Jesus gave us the ultimate gift of everlasting life. And because of that, we can truly celebrate Dad's homecoming at this special time of year.


Steph said...


Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you.

Anonymous said...

Love you!

Lou said...

You have my heart and my prayers.... Isn't it wonderful KNOWING your Dad has that special relationship with our Savior?? I know this is a very difficult time for your family.....Just know I am with you in spirit!

Auntie G said...

I am praying for your family. I am so happy that your dad has the assurance of Who his Savior is and where he will spend eternity. It really helps those left behind too.

Sandi said...

Your Father, your family and you are in my prayers. It is hard to understand the timing but His timing is ALWAYS perfect.

Anonymous said...

I have been praying for you and the family! I love you all so very much! Please give Dad a hug and a kiss for me! Love you!

Beth said...


Our family has your family in our prayers. Your faith is an inspiration and I am so glad that your love of God can bring you comfort in during this difficult time. What a blessing for your wonderful father to know his beautiful grandchildren.

Bless you all,

Tam said...

I am so sorry you are going through such a difficult time...I'm praying for you all.