Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lacrosse practice

Doesn't everybody have their own personal waterboy?

Pretty sunset!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Me and Austin

Staying busy while Logan practices baseball! 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Mother's Day love!

My sweet Mother's Day cards! 

The Scoop, by Austin
I am a great cook!! See me by the stove?

I'm very surprised he did not add flames to the stove! 

The Sccop, by Logan
Bottom right hand corner, please note, "I am ferocious!!!" This is a HUGE victory for me!! 

Logan's portrait of me and him:
I LOVE it!! 

Austin writes:
"She like to play with me. She like to eat with me. She like to sleep with me." :)

This is me, as drawn by Austin:

I also got some great coupons!! Austin says his coupons (for laundry, for behaving, and for girls night out!)) are good for 17 times each!! Sweet!! 

Logan's coupons are for a back run, taking out the trash and cleaning his room. His coupons are only good for one time and expire at the end of the month. :)

Finally, a list of 10 wonderful love able things about me! 

And as if that ALL wasn't enough, I got decorated picture frames too!

Look as this special little detail, a heart made out of leftovers..one half green, one half blue! Awwww!

So much work and effort out into this years gifts! We also had to drive home three hours in the car (from Evans graduation), a barely a peep was heard out of either of them!! 

Love ya back!! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

My heroes!

We ventured out to a St. Patty's day celebration.
On stage, people were getting their heads shaved - to raise money to fight childhood cancer.

Logan BEGGED and PLEADED to be allowed to get his head shaved!
He was relentless!

So, of course - we finally said yes. 
I asked him later why he wanted to do it so badly...
He said....to show people there's nothing to be scared of. 
Getting some attention from the band! 

Not to be left behind, Austin decided he would do it too.

Austin said it hurt!  


And not to be outdone......
Daddy joined in too!!

 My (cool) heroes! 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Funny Stuff

Logan is my thinker, always thinking! 

Logan:  "Mom, I'm glad I picked you as a mommy, when I was in Guatemala and they showed us pictures I said, "That one! That's the Mommy I want!  and Austin said, 'That one,' too!  So, you became our Mommy!"

Austin (While watching E.T.):  "Mommy is he getting on his bike and running away? (he sighs)  I want to do that one day!"

After football practice one day, where all the little boys were running around being little boys and not football players, Gary says, "That wasn't a very good practice today, Logan."  Logan took great offense, "Yeah, well, you didn't have a very good day at work, Dad!"

On the way to a wedding, I sidetracked into a shop to see if I could find a better outfit to wear.  I had the boys with me and I begged them not to run wild and crazy and to help Mommy find a new dress.  I grabbed several dresses off the racks and the three of us crambed into a tiny dressing room.  The third dress I tried on turned out to be one of those skin tight, body hugging dresses.  Immediately, the boys started exclaiming, "OH MOMMY - your butt looks SOOOO good in that!"  "NO - her boobies do!"  I had barely gotten the dress on and was well on my way of trying to wriggle back out of it - and the boys, squeezed onto that little teeny tiny seat provided in the room, are running their hands all over the fabric and saying how soft and pretty it is.  "Mommy, this is PERFECT!  It's sooooo soft.  And sooo colorful!  And your BUTT!  Mommy why are you taking it off?  WE LOVE that dress
Yeah - your butt.  No her boobs!"

"Oh, My Gawd!!!!  Would you two STOP!  I am NOT getting this dress.  Thank you for your comments."  I sweat my way into another two dresses.  Find one I like and wear it out.  When I step out of the dressing room, I see quite the crowd has gathered to catch an eyeful of my two little fashion connoisseurs. 

I swear - everyday, it's somthing unexpected and fun with these two!


The first day of school, Austin and Logan flew off the bus, raced home and were in the door, backpacks flown, snacks grabbed and watching tv, before I even caught up to them.  I kept trying to get them to slow down and tell me something about their day.  Logan finally stopped, looked at me, rolled his eyes and very attitud-ish said, 'Mom, we are in the first grade - it's. NOT. that. big. of. a deal."


I have found that when it is just the two of them and me, and I am trying to DO something...it is just easier to involve them then to try and get something accomplished by myself.  So..early on, they have always "helped" me - cracking eggs, mixing the batter, sewing items, stocking the pantry, hanging pictures - whatever. 

Same goes at the grocery store.  I give them items, and maybe a coupon for them to "match" and they go about the store finding their items.  Last week, at the great W*lma*t, I had them go pick up a gallon of milk.  They first came back with two 1/2 gallons.  Brilliant.  Good thinking, guys!  But, no - we need the big one.  Off they go again, and then together, lug back the big gallon jub.  And while approaching our cart, Logan says rather loudly, "Mom, I bet you didn't know you were adopting two strong boys who could do lots of heavy lifting for you.  Like, carrying stuff upstairs, doing the laundry, stocking the water bottles, doing all the recycling..."    Laughingly, I nod and try and sssh him, but he is relentless, "Did you, Mom?  Aren't you lucky you adopted us for all this work and stuff?"  Lawd - so not PC!  And yes, people were looking at us!

One day, Austin came into the room I was sitting to ask me a question.  After he got his answer, he turned to run out the room, but he looked back over his shoulder at me, his face lit up and he ran over to me, hugged me, kissed me, held my gaze for a minute, grinning from ear to ear and said, "Mommy, I just LOVE you to pieces!" and ran out of the room.  Melts MY heart!!  And it doesn't even matter that the room I was in was the bathroom!  ;-)


While Logan was brushing his teeth one night, in between brushes, he says "Mom, when I grow up I'm not gonna marry a boring wife.  I'm gonna marry a fun wife who likes to do fun stuff."  He pauses, looks at me in the mirror and says, "What I'm trying to say, Mom, is you're the boring kind of wife." And then he goes into greats peels of laughter!  Little bugger! 

My two little characters!
Austin, left.  Logan, right.